Size of mark zones

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I have been reading the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing and I was wondering how people felt about rule 86.1(b)..This refers to the size of the zone around marks..As I understand it the zone is now three hull lengths but can be changed to two or four by the racing committee.
What are your local clubs doing?..Do you vary the size according to the conditions?..What do you prefer personally ?..
The change was apparently to reflect the increase in the speed of modern racing dingies.....although i'm sure the Laser hasnt speeded up over the last few years....Our club is sticking with the 3 boat lengths rule. I can see how it might be usefull to allow 4 boat lengths when it's Musto skiffs in 25 knots.

Whilst attending a recent RYA squad training weekend (accompanying my son...i hasten to add) saliors were asked to estimate 2 and 3 boat lengths on dry land..The (far more knowledgeable and experienced!!!!) adults soon joined in. Guesses varied wildly..the differnece between largest and smallest distance was incredible...few people (old or young) got it anywhere near accurate. all this whilst stationary and with time to think. When in the boat, racing, in 15 knots of wind, waves and adrenaline surging, it still comes down to who is shouting loudest in reasonable time. In my view the rule change makes very little difference.