size and place of aft inspection port


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I just bought an older fish, that weighs about 170. I have cut out a 4 inch inspection port just behind the splash rail. Can I get away with a 4 inch port on the stern of the boat? I am also thinking of changing it to the newer style rudder? Any thoughts?
Well having done a couple I can say you'd be much better of using 6 inch ports. I've found the 4 inch are much less handy (pun intended) when trying to reach your hands into the boat to do any work. The rear port needs to be apx in line with the bridle fittings. You most likely will end up hitting the center rear foam block to some extent. Don't sweat it.

I agree with Mike for the port sizes, 6". A 6" up front will let you reach the mast tube and dagger board well for repairs. Forget 4" ports, if your hands are much bigger than medium, it's a tight fit. If you can't use a 6" port in the rear, a 5" port would be the minimum size. You can still reach the bridle mounting blocks (after carefully removing the foam) if required. Mount the rear port about 2.5" to 3" from the rear edge to the rear most part of the mounting flange. In this position, I missed the white foam and just hit the foam "glue". A port (or both) with the lip for a "cat" or "fat" bag will let you store your wallet, soda or water and such. Get the air moving thru the hull and hopefully by spring, your SF will be much lighter. And the new rudder system, while not required for recreational sailing, will make you happy in the long run. Good Luck.