Sixth Place at Radial Worlds (Anna Tunnicliffe)


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Takapuna, Auckland, NZ March 20, 2008 From the bottom to the top – well almost the top. That was the story of my 2008 Laser Radial Women's World Championship ( regatta here in Takapuna where I placed sixth overall. Tricky wind and wave conditions all week long confounded the best in the Radial Class and continually mixed up the results. Given that, and my OCS on the opening day, I’m pleased with final result here. I told you yesterday that Lijia Xu of China, was in line to win the Worlds for the second time. It wasn’t to be. The on-water judges disqualified her from the last race for pumping, and Sarah Steyaert of France who has sailed well all week had a great day today with 1-5 finishes to win her first Radial World Championship. Lijia was second overall. Andrea Brewster from Great Britain was third. Evi van Acker from Belgium who was second yesterday had a disastrous time of it today with 47-20 finishes, dropping to ninth overall.


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I find it funny how Anna NEVER mentiones Paige. Have they "had it out" before or something? I know it's gossippy, but our top 2 US women radila sailors never mention one another when they most often finish within a few spots of each other....
Not sure that is completely true, I think I recall Anna mentioning PR in a couple of her e-letters a while back.

I think it's a bit of how our Olympic team is setup/managed - If the team manager is not holding training camps for the top competitors and fostering a sharing/team attitude between them, this tends to happen. When you have to do your own fundraising so you can eat,live, train and compete, you don't really want to mention other competitors who might siphon away the limited amount of money that is donated.
Having met Anna - it's not a problem on her end she seems really cool. That said I used to race at a pretty high level in Mistrals and at the top a lot of the guys weren't that friendly too each other (you can imagine that women are even worse) - ducking!!! )