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Can someone tell me how the sink is supposed to be plumbed. I just bought a J24, it has a sink hose and a faucet hose, but they don't go anywhere?

I don't really want to use the sink, but not sure what it is supposed to look like.

Second question, is bilge pumping a manual process with a sponge or manual pump.
I will try to post some pictures of my boat's sink/hose set-up. It is a manual pump process, which should be mounted between the bulkhead and the sink.
First picture: Top-Left side black hose comes from the manual pump (not pictured) next to the sink between the bulkhead, goes down to the bottom of the tank. Tank is a tapered piece of plastic to conform to the shape of the hull. Third pic shows the air-vent hose going from the back right side of the tank next to the hull and extends to a fitting that extends from the inside of the upper sink cabinet. Let me know if you need another angle or clearer pic, i am home all weekend. Hope this helps...Cheers!
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The faucet and water tank are no longer required equipment according to class rules for racing. Many boats have eliminated the drain from the sink to the through-hull drain (also eliminated). I eliminated my through-hull drain a dozen or so years ago. For a time, it was required to have a container of some sort attached to the sink drain, but I believe that is no longer required either. This is all about class rules for racing purposes. If that's your interest, check the rule book, posted online via the class website.
About the bilge pump.... my boat, quite early (465) had a bilge pump installed when it was new. I think that was eliminated as standard early on production. A bucket, manual pump, and/or sponge work fine. My boat used to take on many gallons of water until I separated the hull/deck joint, scraped out the bedding compound initially used, and caulked with a polyurethane sealant. That was maybe the most rewarding of all the repairs/upgrades I've made over the years. One winter when it was in a boatyard 2+ hours away from home, I got ~75 gallons of water in the boat over 3 months. After I fixed the problem, there was minimal water to bail out of the boat, even after a long day of heavy-air racing.