Simple repair question...


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OK, my very old '72 laser had the bow eye pull out when I was trailering it a couple weeks ago. Any practical reason I can't just fill the holes and move it forward a couple inches to avoid the old holes?

Are there kits like drywall anchors that would make this attachment more robust? maybe similar to this? Obviously there would need to be some waterproofing in the hole... 1662920698582.png
No need for any type of anchor or fitting if you use 4200 or 5200 to seal the screw into the deck. The plastic that is exposed on the deck would most likely fall apart due to elements exposure. I would chalk up the recent failure due to being 50 years old. Moving it forward or aft a little bit is only for your personal esthetics, and as long as it fits in the opening if you have a cover.