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Silva 103 P


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I have a nice Silva 103 P made to be fixed to the mast of my old I14. Is it possible to retrofit it to be used on a laser?

It should not be that difficult but I was woundering if anyone had done it and how!




Hi Francois,
if you want to put the compass to the mast, be aware of the fact, that the Lasermast turns around in the maststep and so your lovely Silva 103 P will turn around with it together.
And there is a lot of stuff (cunnighan system and outhaul controlline, vang) at the mast between gooseneck and maststep. I think it is better to put your Silva 103 P in a box (for selfmade electronic facilities you can get from your local electronic-shop) and bolt the box on a Laser deck plate. Be aware of the old / new control line systems between centreboard and maststep, so buy a box that is a little bit higher to be able to drill the wholes correct for putting the controlline(s) through.
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Last but not least: Also contact SILVA! The 103P seems to be converitible to a 103R. The bracket+base used for the 103R may just fit over your 103P (maybe with minor modification), converting it into a 103R. Then, you could use the standard Silva compass mounts for the Laser. (Let us know if this turns out to be an option.)

Also, ANSAR sells an L-shaped aluminum monting bracked. I don't know its size, and hence don't know if its suitable.

You can also try to just get a piece of 5"-wide, 1/4" thick "L" shaped plexiglass plate and build your own mount. Straight plexi base with an epoxy + screw mounted mahogany as the vertical part will also do.