Shrouds and Forestay

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I needed new shrouds and a forestay for the 1997 Capri 14.2 that I just purchased.
This is just an FYI for those of you that may need to replace standing rigging.

At Catalina Direct the 3 were about $140.00. Catalina Yachts seems to be doing everything out of Florida now, and I was not successful when trying to get info from their parts dept. I talked to a rigging specialist at West Marine (WM) who suggested I send him the old ones and he would duplicate them for me. If I remember correctly, the cost would be less than Catalina Direct. He told me that I could also go to my nearest WM store and make my own. He said to use a thimble one size larger than the wire, as the wire would bend around the thimble easier. He also said to be sure to use the gauge, that should be at their work bench, to measure your completed swage. The smallest wire my nearest WM store had was 1/8th. I used 51' of 1/8th wire, 6 - 5/32nd thimbles & 12 - 1/8th nicopress sleeves. ( 2 at each thimble) The 5/32nd thimble fit fine in the tang, but not quite as loose as the 3/32nd original. They do not make them for you, but provide the bench mounted press, and work bench. The 1/8th wire was on sale for $0.96/ft, regular $1.20/ft. Cost for wire & fittings was $61.50 + tax.. It is bare wire, not the plastic coated that was original equipment. They look fine. Only time will tell about their durability.
Here is a link to how to use the swaging press.