Should I use jib

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My wife wants to sail, but doesn't want to help. I've been told that I shouldn't tie the jib off.

Should I not use jib, tie it off, or make my wife hold the line.

Yes, I'm a newbie, but I'd hate to be moving up and down the cockpit and get in trouble if the mainsheet will get me around the lake until I learn more.

thank you
First of all if she wants to sail you are one step there. Maybe let let it heel over when a gust comes along. After things have calmed down and she gives you the "look", tell her you did the best you could do without her help.

From the very start I sailed solo and always cleated the jib sheets. You can reach these easily without to much effort. I do not cleat the Main Sheet (but I am tempted to). If you got into a jamb you could spill the main and/or turn into the wind to quiet things down. Of course everything depends on the variable, the wind.

My crew is willing to help, but sometimes "forgets" her duties. So I do hers and mine.

My crew has complained, at times, that it is either boring, scary (during a gust) or that she just wants to get some sun. I have tried to get her interested enough to take the helm, but.....

I have given in to the fact that she will never really like it. So I take her when she wants and go solo most of the time (looking into main sail reefing).

I think that if I could find a larger body of water to sail on to lower the frequency of the tacks she would be more agreeable.

Have her stay up by the cuddy and sail as if you were by yourself. She may still need to move side to side to help balance things out.


PS. We are looking for a Kayak for her!
Do everything you can to make it fun as you learn. First read lots about how to sail, including information with the C 14 technical journal. Know at least by reading what to do if you ever do capsize. Only sail on days with nice light wind until you and your wife gain confidence. Be sure to have comfortable PFDs. Carry on board some water or other picnic supplies. Don't get too far away from potty access. Use lots of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT soon after every adequate tack, and after a successful sail. And if she doesn't want to handle the jib some times, do it yourself. You should be sitting far enough forward so that you can reach both the jib sheets and the main sheet while controlling the tiller. Combine a sail with a nice dinner out and sail with other boats when possible. Joining yur local C 14.2 fleet or other Yacht Club group is a good way to meet and sail with others. Good Sailing! Dick