Shock Cord in Cover Broken

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I have an APS cover for my laser. The fitting keeping the two ends of shock cord broke and now one end of the shock cord has retracted about 3' back up into the sleeve of the hem. I have considered cutting a hole in the hem at that point and attaching a metal fish tape line to the end and pulling it through, but is there a more elegant way to retrieve it without cutting or unsewing the hem on the cover?


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Can you run the metal fish tape line the entire length of shock cord pocket? If so you could pull the shock cord out completely, then use the metal line to pull it all the way back through. You could even use a new piece of shock cord if needed.
You can slowly "inch worm" the cord back to the exit hole.

Tie some heavy string to the other end of the now too short shock cord. Then attach new shock cord to that and you can draw the new cord into the cover.

Its also possible to just yank the old cord out, and use an appx 3 ft piece of coathanger to draw a string and then new shock cord in.

Either way... it will take some time. More tedious to work the new cord around than hard to do.
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Thanks to both of you. SO, fhhuber, Im not sure I follow you.. In option 1, I understand the inch worming thought... In option 2,, if I tie a heavy string around the end of the shock cord that is sticking out, I'm not sure how that results in having the short end appear at the other end?

With the rod method... you inch worm the rod through and it draws the cord behind.

Just the way to do it if its too annoying to try and get the old cord to show up at both exit holes.