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Shipping laser


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Any advice on how to ship a laser from IN to CA? The least expensive bid has come in at $1400.

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I had to think when I read that. You mean from Indiana to California? Anybody driving cross country at Thanksgiving? Sounds like you could have your gas money paid.


Road trip?

but seriously, you can probably rent a car (SUV or similar) from close to where you live, drive it and the boat to CA and then return it there and fly back home. thats probably less than 1400, i would have to think.


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I moved a Lancer 25 on a trailer from California to Buffalo NY for 1850.00 7 years ago The company that moved it delivered campers that were built in Indiana and shipped to California -they had empty trailers coming back east. Sounds like a long shot but I'd do a bit of research on the web for car haulers or camper transporters and ask if they have any free space on their next load headed west, from my experience if a hauler can find a way to fit something else on a load they will! I'd offer $500.00 "All in." (No fuel charges)
Good Luck


Three ideas:

1) list it on uship.com, and you may find a better bid. 500. is common from New England to FL, which is similar trip.

2) Look for a Rideshare on Craigslist.com, in both your beginning and ending area. You might find someone who would do it for gas money. I once found a guy to rooftop a laser from VT to OR for about 250. or so.

3) put an ad on here, and Sailing Anarchy Dinghy thread to find some racer making the trip.



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You could also get a box from your local dealer (maybe double box it) and see if it can go on big truck.

Shouldn't be more than $700 or so like that. Expensive, but insured and reliable if you choose a big company.


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sell it and buy another laser. its not like there is a shortage. unless that is really out of the question suck it up and drive it up. take some of the boys for a road trip