Shipping a Laser Mast

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Has anyone shipped a laser mast? I'm looking at buying a used mast for a laser 2 but I'll need to have it shipped from Arizona to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Any suggestions?



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i've had no experience with masts ... but i have shipped Boat shafts .. we wrap them in treated pine ... bit like you use on fences .. helps prevent bending ... .


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That is such a total pain. The liklihood of damage is very high. Probably a third of every extrusion I have ever ordered was destroyed in shipping.

I believe your best bet is to find a friendly sailor who is traveling from California to Florida and a friendly eastern canadian who is sailing Midwinters east.

PM me and I will send back phone neumbers of California sailors who I believe would do a favor for a laser two sailor. I know two very good leads. The certainly know more.
..OLd Lyra guys who now sail skiffs and a Finn sailor