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Shallow Draft Sailboat (similar to sunfish)


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So I worked at a camp and learned to sail there. Nothing special, just lake sailing. It was a very deep lake and sailing a sunfish was super easy of course. I am wanting to take some family out on the Northwest gulf coast in the near future. The issue is there are a TON of oyster bars and the depth can go from 6 feet to 2 or 1 very quickly once you get out of the channel. My concern is that I will eventually crack a daggerboard if I get a sunfish. So I was looking for something that was designed for that kind of sailing in mind? Or am I just kind of dreaming here?


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Anything with a swing up style centerboard would work. O'day Daysailor 2, Flying Scot, Capri 14.2/16.5, Hobie One, etc


Upside down?
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Just raise the daggerboard a bit once you are out of the channel.
Or use a shorter daggerboard to begin with (not my preference).
If the board does hit something hard, it's more likely that the forward corner will be damaged. This can be repaired.