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Several small craft for sale in San Diego...

Cactus Cowboy

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I was perusing the 'Boats' section of San Diego C/L and I saw these ads... figured I'd relay 'em because sailing is now legal in Kalifornia, LOL. First boat is a Lido 14, a great Schock design which is fast & fun, and it's an excellent family boat. Sturdy too, plus those cockpit benches are very comfortable... I know, because I learned to sail in Lidos, and I'm glad I did. I can still remember my brothers & I racing separate Lidos from Fiddlers Cove down the bay to Point Loma, having a blast for the entire day as we goofed around too. Nothing wrong with a Lido 14, the design is excellent... and experienced sailors can make a few mods or upgrades which enhance performance.

Lido 14 Sailboat with beach trailer - boats - by owner - marine sale

Next boat is a Snipe, not a bad little boat for the price... minor problems like that scalloped jib can easily be remedied, LOL, and the boat doesn't look too thrashed. Nothing a little elbow grease wouldn't solve, and as always one can make upgrades to hardware or other gear. Here's the Snipe ad:

Snipe Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Last of all, we have a small Chrysler dinghy, and I only include this ad because a buyer could probably bag it for a couple hundred bucks, LOL. Still, with some work and perhaps a few upgrades, one could get out on the water this summer... and it's definitely a cartopper, aye? Which would save money on trailer registration, trailer maintenance, etc. So here it is:

14' dinghy style sail boat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Okay, that's it, there was a small 'Catyak' for sale also, but it looked pretty flimsy and it was missing the trampoline... rare enough, but it looks as if it'd disintegrate in a stiff breeze or a seaway. Meh, anybody interested can always find the ad (if it's still up), so I'm done here. Back to my cold beer, CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

P.S. Seeing that Lido 14 ad brought back a whole heap of good memories... nice little boats, those Lido 14s. :cool: