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Serial (Hull) Number


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serial number

Does anybody know if there is a way to tell the age of your laser by reading the serial number on the laser? Can I also tell the manufacturer of my laser? Thanks, JB.


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Re: serial number

I read the write up on drlaser and found it most interesting. I am hoping someone can spread some light on the reasons for the sell off or trade off, etc of the laser to different manufacturing companies. Did Sunfish Laser go under?



Re: serial number

No, Sunfish/Laser did not go under - they bought the molds and rights from Pearson, who did go bankrupt. Sunfish/Laser, which I think was a group of folks consisting of Peter Johnstone, Gary Jobson, North Sails and others built the quality back up, built the name back up and the offers to buy the rights started to come in. They chose Vanguard as the company they thought would do the best to continue on that path. I would guess that was Sunfish/Laser's intention and not to be a long term builder