Selling my Capri 14.4

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1995 Capri 14.4, Galvanized trailer and all the following:
- 2 sets of sails, boat cover, new bumpers, custom made cubby cover, spinaker pole, all lines and an anchor too! Boat in good condition garaged
Trailer mast holder was modified to fit in standard garage. Asking $2500
1-626-665-8596 ask for Don or e-mail
Still Available?


Is your boat still for sale? If so, I'm in the market.
Is there any repair work that you would recommend for it?
Any aging of the gel coat?
Any dings in the hull?
Any major repair work completed?
How old are the sails?
How long have you owned this one?
What city is the boat in?
What is the hull/sail number?

I know that's a lot of questions, but I can buy quickly after I look at it.
Take care,