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[quote:a1b28d48bd="macwas16"][quote:a1b28d48bd]the reason that L2s are dying is the cursed 29er. a new boat comes on to the market and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and gets the boat, thus killing other fleets.

if your theory is true, then why is the laser still around?[/quote:a1b28d48bd]

That section of the market is saturated with amazing boats that are strong with class support, tradition and top notch competition. The L2 is on the bottom of a long list of boats that have held the establishment, (youth racing, juniors sailing squads), all over the world.

Boats like the club 420....and subsequent lightning and Thistle class will always be stronger. Take a ride in a L2 and then a Thistle, you'll be sold. If you learn downwind sailing in a Thistle....... the right way, you'll realize why boats like the L2 have hard times thriving. :!: 8)
L2's are the shiznaat! (really sweet)
I think they are way more fun than singlehanded boats. Actually, any doublehanded boat is more fun than a single (everything but 420's of course!) Here on the east coast we still get 10-15 boat fleets, but yeah they are a dying class. There's still so many in central Canada though... Get a 29er if anything though. That's where it's at! You can almost get a good 29er for almost as little as a good L2.

Okay i think its time that we cann every type of double handed boat and restrict double handed boats to the one, the only, the infamous, ECHO!!!!
ECHO's rock, they have rainbow sails, bathtub type hulls, wooden blades, 3, count them, 3!!! shrounds, and a whole lotta attitude!!
p.s- CYCDHET=chester yacht club double handed echo team 2003.
I have a 1984 Laser II for sale near Detroit, Michigan. Boat has been in storage for at least 15 years indoors. Covers for boat, Rudder and Sail.
Getting somewhat back to the original post...

I am selling my 1998 Laser. I live in Nova Scotia... so I guess it depends on how much driving you are willing to do. ;)

it is a great boat and comes with a dolly, 3 sails, carbon fiber tiller/extension, spectron lines, and a hull cover. $5,000

let me know if you have any questions

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