Seitech Laser® Dolly with fat wheels

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Seitech Laser® Dolly with fat wheels
Maybe 4 years old.
Stored indoors. No UV damage at all on tires or sling.
Excellent condition, very little use.
- F Wheels (9.5" Wide x 19" Diameter): for soft sand (beaches) and rougher surfaces.

Regularly 550 dollars+

400.00 USD
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It is really doing me very little good being stored in the garage. Thus, it is for sale.
Let me know if you are interested. I will be at the North Cape Yacht Club in a few weeks.

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Thanks for the backing. I don't think I am asking too much. Again, the dolly is in great condition. Let me know if anyone is interested, I could send photos.
Brand new with normal wheels is $389 on

Brand new with fat wheels (if you need them) is $449. Granted the fat wheels advertised on layline are NOT the 19inch wheels mentioned in this sale.

Unless you are dragging your boat on the beach, there is no need for the FAT fat wheels, so I would guess this would be a nice 10-15% discount off of a brand new dolly (depending on shipping) for someone with the need.

If I needed one I would take the discount as I have never seen a well cared for dolly fall apart, but I would think that the price is still a bit high. Good Luck with the sale.

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