Seitech Dolly Wheel Replacements - In Stock, Ready To Ship

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Tired of pumping up your tires every time you go sailing, or those wobbly wheels with broken plastic bearings? Unable to find Sunfish dolly wheels at a reasonable price or that weren't on constant back order, I sourced wheels directly from the manufacturer and now have a supply of them.

Now available on my site or on eBay, just search 'seitech wheel', currently item number
Cost is just $70 a pair!
These are not Seitech brand, but are a high quality replacement. They are a slightly larger diameter than 'A' wheels - 15.5 inch diameter, 4 inch width. When you order, you get the entire assembly - wheel, tire and nylon bearing.

These wheels will fit any dolly that I am aware of that uses a 1 inch axle. I've had them on Seitech and OptiParts, will also fit Intensity Sails dollies. These would also be a great for anyone building their own dolly!

I've had an ad on the Laser forum for a few weeks and have a number of happy customers that have ordered.
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