Seeking Phantom 14 rudder

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my rudder/tiller for my Phantom 14 is at the bottom of lake in southern Adirondacks. The man in Maine who bought the rights for the Phantom and was producing clones has suspended making them. Seeking used or new rudder/tiller or suggestions on how to modify Sunfish equipment for same. thanks, Don
I am interested in the outcome of this post. I still have my tiller, but the tiller board has been replaced by a previous owner with a crappy plywood board. I would like to replace it.
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maybe,if somebody has run aground and torn their Phantom asunder, they would be willing to sell u the parts. Extremely hard to come by unless you know somebody in Great Britain. A couple of leads went nowhere, but was finally referred to a guy in Rhode Island, who not having Phantom rudders or other parts, did, however, have some beautiful rudders from Zumas and Escape sailboats. I bought a mahogany rudder (for an Escape) plus a tiller, gudgeon, hardware and an inspection port (because one now has to be placed on the stern deck to apply the non-Phantom gudgeon and back plate) for $300.00.


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I'll have to look and see what I have. I know I don't have a complete rudder setup, but I have some parts. At this point you may be better off converting to a Sunfish rudder.
If you needed a daggerboard, I do have a couple of those.


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I heard about a place in Old Forge that might have Phantom parts. I have a Phantom 14 hull, sail, and centerboard but no mast or tiller/rudder. I'm checking it out on Friday (July 29). I'll report back!

The place near Old Forge, NY is called Palmer Point Marina. They used to sell all manner of small boat stuff and have a lot of odd-ball parts and gear. Google: Palmer Point Marina ad you will find a telephone number.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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Hi. Sorry for not posting sooner. Palmer Point Cottages and Boat Rentals - Palmer Point Cottages and Boat Rentals | Family Fun In The Adirondacks

I went up there on Friday. They were super busy with customers renting boats and waterskiing. Still, Michael (the owner, I think) was very helpful. He couldn't personally help because of the crunch of people, but a local named Rob was there and Rob knew Phantom (and Sunfish) and had worked at the marina years ago. We rummaged through a barn and finally found a rudder setup and a mast. I also needed a gooseneck to attach the boom to the mast, and they had that in the office. MAJOR THANKS TO ROB - I don't think I'd have been successful without him.

I'm not sure if they have too many additional rudder parts. We had to dig around for quite a while to find just one. But, if you are in the area or willing to drive up (it's a beautiful ride - north of Old Forge, closer to Inlet), it's worth a try. They definitely have Sunfish parts.

Good luck! And thanks to Alan for pointing me in the right direction! I hope to soon have the Phantom ready to sail!