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I'm new to the group and an inexperienced sailor (but not a total newbie). I'm considering buying a C14.2 here in Northern Utah for day sailing on our lakes (Bear Lake, Lake Powell, and others).

I've read your faqs and downloaded your free C14 handbook. Thanks! Your resources have been very helpful for me. It sure sounds like the C14 is the right type of sailboat for the type of sailing I want to do with my kids.

The FAQ says that a C14.2 Mod 1 should run about $500 to $1500. I've found a C14 for sale and will be driving out to go see it later this week. They're asking $1900. I'd appreciate your opinions on this price. Here are the specifics:

It is a 1984 Catalina Capri 14.2 (Mod 1, I assume). The seller's description is rather anemic. It includes a Yamaha 4 hp outboard motor, a homemade 1-axle trailer, and both the mainsail and jib sail. That's it; no mention of condition. From the pictures, the boat looks clean with no damage; although, the cuddy hatch is missing (which causes me concerns for water damage to the plywood braces between the hull and cockpit floor -- I'll be sure to check those). The outboard looks like it has been heavily used and abused. I may haggle it out of the deal for a lower price and pick up a used 2 hp outboard.

The guy told me to let him know when I was coming to look at it so he could dig the snow off of it! It certainly hasn't been stored in a garage all its life.

That's about all I know about it. Considering the boat, trailer, and outboard, is $1900 a fair price if it is in sound condition? I don't want a project boat and will watch out for the things listed in the faq.

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I will say that I bought my Mod 2 (1986 maybe?) in good shape, on a good trailer, no motor, nice cover, all rigging in decent shape (the jib is a bit worn, but still works) roller furler, for $1,500 about a year an a half ago.

I could've probably haggled with the guy and got him down a bit, but he was a young, freshly married, soldier getting shipped out of town and I figured that he could use the few hundred bucks more than me.
Bought mine this summer. 1996 mod 3 in like new condiontion with an nissan outboard (like new also) for $2200. Sold the outboard for $500. Boat looked like it had never been in the water. I'd say $1900 only if in great condition. Also depends on availablity in your area.
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I am asking $ 1200 for my boat which has a main, jib and storm jib and whisker pole. Full boat cover, main sail cover, new running rigging, motor mount (no motor), trailer and other gear (jackets, anchor, lines, fenders, etc.)

I agree that $ 1900 too much for what you are saying.
Sounds to me like you are talking about a boat that should be priced around $500.00, if that. Check on eBay, I have seen very nice 14.2 go for around $1000 lately. Don't buy someone eles problem. It's winter, you have lots of time.
I am totally on the same page as Greg, .......I picked up my 92 mod2 last year for $1800.00. All original with galvanize trailer and 4hp Suzuki OB, sails still crispy new ...probably 15 hrs at the most on this boat when i got it. ......After seeing some of the deals available nowadays I'm sure glad I didn't pay any more.

This is my first sailboat and I taught myself to sail it (with help from the kind folks on this forum) so far, no regrets except having to put it away for the winter!

Happy boat hunting!
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Hi --
Sounds real high. Prices vary by availability and area, but this is off-season and that boat doesn't sound like much of a value. You didn't mention sails, but a new set is $800.00 from Catalina, more from North or Ullman, and that's a pretty good bargaining point, too.

An older Capri in good condition in the southern half of Florida would go for about $1100 with used sails on a galvanized factory trailer, no motor.

My advice would be to shop around. If you're within buying distance of California there should be alot of great 14's for you to choose from, and although it's an effort, you'll really be glad if you hold out for a great boat on a good deal. Boats can be a long-term commitment.

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I hear what others are saying about the price being too high, but its time and effort vs. money when you are shopping out-of-state for a better deal. How much is it going to cost you to drive to California and back? How long is that going to take you. Maybe it's worth $500 more to have it close-by? Definitely try to low-ball at the very least.

BTW, I have spent many summers out at Lake Powell, and my advice is to look at a different boat for you and family if you are going out there. That place has some of the craziest weather I have ever seen. I spent a week out there this July and never saw a sailboat actually sailing. I would definitely not ever consider taking my C14.2 out there. It's either dead calm or blowing 30 mph. I would at least want a weighted keel and something more suitable for the inevitable motoring.
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I agree with Skyfree. For Lake Powell with a novice sailer and Kids, C-14 would not be my choice. Maybe at Williard Bay it would be adequate, but only if you have some support in case of a capsize. Likewise, until you are very competent, don't stray far from shore at Bear lake. If you do go the small boat route, be sure you practice capsize recovery in safe spots. And you may want some extra flotation at top of mast as many of these boats are prone to turtling, and remeber your PFD's. RK