Sea Trials for the Paris 2024 equipment *Instagram pics*

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You can tell the posters are all young. The new designs are more expensive because they are more expensive to build. Name one boat that has become less expensive as a new boat over time.... If the switch happens all the top Olympic team single hand sailors will be funded to buy a new "whatever is chosen". The problem is there will be very few others around to practice/compete against locally, (if the Laser is not picked) which will become a huge budget issue when all the single handers from many teams will have to travel the world much more to get in practice/racing experience in the new design. The good news for the US is we may finally get a decent chance to medal in the single handed events again just due to access of the design, (as long as it's not the Devoti).


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Thanks! There is very limited information available on this, and it's not really open for the public (I would probably have gone there myself otherwise, just to watch).

On the technical outcome: I wish that the D-Zero is successful - it's simply the coolest and smartest looking. The RS boat is overhyped and the Melges is more of a dark horse.

On the political outcome: it's hard to think why any (non-zero, really) number of WS member nations would want anything but the Laser.

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