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Hey there,

I am collaborating with a small team of Coast Guard veterans to put together a collection of sea stories that will have both entertainment and academic value. The idea is to find 100 original and authentic stories from across the various maritime sects (industrial, military, commercial, recreational and sport) and across cultures. The layout of the book will be in chronological order and will include 80 stories from the 20th century to now (the remaining stories will be donated by maritime museums and will date prior to 1925 and as far back as 1775).

We could use more stories from the 20th century and more stories from the world of pleasure crafting (yachting, sport sailing, coastal cruising...). If you have any interest, please follow up at the publishers site here: 100 Sea Stories by 100 Seafarers | Dirty Sailor Company

As always, thanks for the forum. I was able to fix the rusted keel bolts on a Catalina 22 thanks to this site.


Bradley Angle, editor and contributor.