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Sea Scouts looking for Various Sunfish parts

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Our Scouts inherited some Sunfish hulls with holes. They are just the hulls so they will need masts/spars/lines/rudders/rudder heads/tillers/hiking sticks/daggerboards.


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Have you thought about setting up a GoFundMe (or other similar website) campaign? I have never sailed a sunfish before, I am a Laser kinda-guy ;), but I would donate a few bucks to help out some kids in the SeaScouts, especially if you took pictures and kept everyone apprised with updates of your progress to restore all of those boats. Maybe a YouTube channel could also be something one of the Scouts can dive into, with a link to a Patreon page or similar website. Search for the Tally Ho project on YouTube, and you can see how many people have subscribed to that guy fixing a classic wooden boat. If you had the time, videocamera, and editing time to do something similar, I know I would watch, and donate. If you spread the word around and it starts getting popular on YouTube, you could start making extra funds through them with ad placement. I would even think that most people on this forum would donate as well, since most everyone here is real nice and all. Heck even if it never really takes off, and just a few hundred bucks was raised, that could still buy a lot of miscellaneous equipment, I would imagine. Just trying to help with a friendly suggestion since traveling to Texas to lend a hand is just a bit too far. Good luck, and at least keep your sailingforums-family here apprised of your progress.

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Good suggestion, ProATC, today's kids seem to know more about the web than we do---or I do, anyway. For a legitimate cause backed by occasional photos of work being completed, some folks would certainly contribute. Anything to knock down the cost of materials & gear replacement. Be sure to mention the Sea Scouts and start with some of those pics you already posted, showing the holes in the hulls. This can also be done in a way which won't interfere with the privacy of the kids or staff... focusing on repair work and sailing venues rather than individuals. Just my $.02, but I think it's a great idea! :rolleyes:

Just one request: if y'all become millionaires, promise me you'll still fix the boats and bring 'em back to life... those boats WANT to sail again, I assure you. :cool:
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