Sea Airprene 3/4 Hiking Pants Sm

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Used hiking pants in great condition. Size small. $120 includes shipping anywhere in US. Accept Paypal, money order or check (must clear prior to shipping).
Hi water sky, I am interested. Can you please tell me:
1. Are these the gray ones?
2. Are they like new, and if not where do they show wear?
3. How soon can you ship them?
You can contact me fastest at the email on my profile if it's there (don't have time to check) otherwise I'll check back here for the next day or so.
Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.
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1. Yes
2. There isn't much wear and tear at all, only used for one season.
3. As soon as pymt clears...meaning tomorrow or Wed?? I accept Paypal for quick pymt processing.
Actually, hold that thought. Have the account, but I found a newish pair for 25 less. I'll probably go with that if I can verify the condition. If so, sorry, thanks for your time anyway.
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