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Reading the posts re- outboards, rowing etc. with interest. Looking at a used 14.2 right now. There is a good article on the trailor sailor site (search for it) with data on trolling motors on larger trailerables. Found the posts re- 5 hp or so motors on a 14.2 really interesting as I had a 2hp on my 19 footer that worked great and a 10hp on my 26 Tanzer that made it scream (for a displacement hull).

Has anyone tried mounting an oarlock on the stern and then sculling? I really don't want to have to mess with a motor or battery again. I spent more time messing with recalcitrant motors and batteries that were'nt charged whne I needed them.
I keep two oars in the boat and in light wind or no wind they seem to be enough, but when the wind picks up and you need to go dead into the wind or get off the lake in a storm they are not enough. My 1.5 hp motor moves us along at about 5 mph with light wind and slows to about 3 in heavy winds(evening thunderstorms, etc.) I usually start it up and use it to get out in the middle of the lake just to make sure it works ok, then I kick it up and then we sail(or paddle if drifting) and I only use the motor if it is necessary, but boy is it nice if you really need it. Here is a larger photo of the my C14 tied up at the dock with the motor on it and kicked up. It only weighs 22 lbs and does not affect the balance of the boat much as you can see. I made the mount so the entire motor sets out away from the stern and does not interfere with the traveler when kicked up.
Do you paddle with the oars or use them in oar locks of some sort? With one or two people? Typically I am out solo on protected lakes and it is the no wind situation that is troublesome.

Also, Are you the one with the MG? I see the name of your boat is Spridget. Was that derived from Sprite / Midget?

Yes jeager I named her after my MG. I am in the middle of a total restoration and hope to be able to use it to tow her to the lake when I'm done. Yeah, spridget is the nick name for sprites and midgets and seemed fitting. My wife and I ususally go sailing together and one of us rows while the other steers (no oarlocks).
I notice that you have your engine mounted on the starboard side. My Mod 3 has what I believe to be a factory installed motor mount on the Port side. If I knock on the Transom the Port side has a very definite solid sound, whereas the Starboard side sounds hollow.

I would think that this indicates that Catalina expecterd to mount the engine on the starboard side.

Do you have a Mod 3? Does yours "sound" the same as mine?
jaeger , I have a mod 2 that I bought used. It had (what I assumed to be a factory mount) on the starboard side. It was a grooved piece of teak mounted with screws through the transom. I just put my motor bracket over this mount and clamp it down. I really never gave it any thought. This is a good question, I wonder if someone at catalina would know the answer. I have been meaning to take a pic of my motor mount bracket up close and put it on here to give others ideas if they are considering a motor.