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Screw holes that go all the way through the fiberglass


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I'm restoring a 1970 something sunfish and I have screw holes in my boat that are shot all the way through. I have filled all of the other holes with epoxy and I'm not sure what to do with these. I think that putting a sheet of fiberglass over the top is a bit excessive but im not sure what my other options are. Theres no wood backing and I can access both sides with a view port. Any ideas of ways to fill them without having resin run through?


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Depending on whether these holes are going to be reused (like under the splash guard), thicken the epoxy with a West Systems product or moosh some fiberglass threads into the holes. There's always Thixo ($22).

Inject resin with a disposable syringe, turn the hull upside-down and wait out the cure.