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scratch cover for rear deck


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The deck of my sunfish has become scratched due to the tiller touching the surface as it is use. I have raised the tiller but cannot hide the scratches with gel coat. Is there some kind of cover that I can adhere to the deck over the curved tiller path to eliminate further markings and cover the old ones...any ideas?? Scott

Alan S. Glos

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Your tiller should not touch the deck when you are sailing. You may need to reposition one of the bolts on the tiller straps to raise the tiller off the deck, an easy fix.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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#2) Where the wood of the rudder comes closest to touching the tiller, drill and insert a wood screw. Back it out as the need arises.

#3) Cut a narrow strip of aluminum (or stainless-steel "scrap"—pictured), and apply with adhesive where the aluminum parts of tiller and rudder meet:

Fullscreen capture 412017 54449 PM.bmp.jpg
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#4) If the above steps are impractical due to severe wear, re-establish the relationship of the three holes at the rearmost part of the tiller. (Cut off 1½" off the tiller, carefully press, examine, and align to "clearance" the tiller off the deck—drill two new holes).