Scorpion Rigging

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I recently saved a sunfish type hull from the waste and needed minor fiberglass resto. I'm looking to buy the complete rig ass. from the tiller/rudder to sails boom and mast. need a good reference to a reasonable site or source to buy from, and i was also wondering if it was possible to rig with 2 sails,....thanks


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Check the For Sale section and tell us where you are located. Shipping spars is expensive!
Also whether you have a Scorpion or a Sunfish; they are not identical.
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yes a scorpion made in charlotte Im located in Upper South Carolina. this is my first sailboat ive owned. i really dont know a whole lot about sailing as you could probably tell. i was in the navy for 5 yrs no stranger to the water. but ive always been intrested in sailing, was driving down a backroad over the weekend and spotted this hull at the end of a drivway. stoped and ask about it they were throwing it was rigged for a trolling moter kinda funny. verry minor fiberglass resto. i think i got a good find.


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Sunfish spars will work. I think the daggerboard will work also. You can use a Sunfish rudder, but you have to replace the gudgeon. I have a Scorpion hull that is too far gone to make it worth restoring, so I'm willing to part with the hardware. Send me a message if you're interested.


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The only Scorpion part I have left is the DePersia metal bailer and based on another thread I have a pretty good idea of what people think of those. (I was saving it if I ever needed it for another boat I don have any more).