Scam alert...Spinner richard is a scam account.

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SCAM ALERT....If you create a post seeking something on this portal, please be advised of a scam by a supposed forum member Spinner richard. He will send you and email that reads:

"Spinner richard said:
Hello I recently purchase some items from jujubee, old wood tiller is among the items he's willing to part out with. You can email him at [email protected] if he still have it available.

I replied to traincold9 and he told me the part was available. He wanted to charge me $275 for an old wood tiller. Red flag#1. He could not send me a photo of it. Red flag#2. His PayPal account address had a New Zealand domain
Red flag#3. He would only accept payment via app, which I don't use, and insisted the funds be available immediately so he can "get the shipping going". RED flag#4. He would not tell me if he was in the US. RED FLAG #5.

Fortunately I recognized what was going on. There are stories on-line of those not so lucky.

So beware of an email from Spinner Richard. I searched the tra[email protected] address and it comes up with multiple scam alerts.