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The new forum might be a good place for us to introduce ourselves again, given that we have had a lot of new members recently. I'll start off:

I own Capri 14.2 #4848. I bought it new in 1999. I live in Colorado, near Denver.

You might be wondering how anyone could sail in Colorado as it is about as far from water as you can get - and you wouldn't be all that wrong! The last two years it was not possible for me to sail at all because of our severe drought. This year, however, has been different. When you live in Colorado you can't be picky about where and when you sail. If the wind is up, you need to get out there because it could easily be completely still the for the next five days. Sailing is best in the spring and worst in July and August. Out here we are all lake sailors. I dream of living some day in San Diego and sailing with the crowd out there in Mission Bay. In Colorado, I am alone and never have seen another 14.2.

I would like to race in a fleet. Out here there are fleets of other boats, but none of ours. The only racing opportunities I have found are in mixed regattas with other much larger (20-25 feet) boats. Not really all that appealing. So, I just day sail and enjoy the boat and the sun and the wind and the peace...

I have pretty much left my boat stock. It has a roller furling jib. I removed the motor mount that came with it as I have no motor. I changed some of the lines on the boat to make them thinner. modified the traveler with the knots, and redid the centerboard rigging using a swivel block (the factory did a lousy job by using a fixed block there - the line would always snag up when I raised the board). I bought the hardware and intend to change the outhaul to a 2:1 setup, and next season I will run the jib furling line into the cockpit so I can roll up the jib while keeping one hand on the tiller.

Let's hear your story!

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I know that Kim Webb posted a reply here, but it is no longer here. Was there a loss of posts yesterday or today?

Saying Hello

We just finished a short vacation to Colorado. What a beautiful state! We love to hike, and raft on the Arkansas.

I just bought hull #3483, a 1990 model. I've sailed in the past and the most fun was always a peaceful Sunday afternoon sail. My wife would always fall asleep and I just sailed around the lake. I'm in East Texas, and the summers are pretty hot and often without much breeze. I like to put on warm clothes and sail in December and January if the temp reaches 40 or so. I don't know yet how wet I will be when sailing the Capri, so we'll see if that is still a possibility.

BTW, I lived in Colorado Springs for about 8 years but it was a while back.

Nice to meet you!


Hello (repost)

Hello, again. I don't know what happened to my posts from before (but I am well pleased with this site and am thanful it is here). So here goes again. I have hull number 4321 its a 1994 Model two I have had her about a year . I am as happy with this boat as anything I have ever bought. I looked at boats for a long, long time and have read saling books for years. I nearly bought a boat twice before while in the Airforce(once in panama city, Fla and once again in England). Sailing this boat is a lot more fun than I thought, and while it sometimes stresses my wife, it relaxes me(exept for a couple times). I have made some changes to this boat and nearly have her like I like it. I added roller furling (which I highly recommend), a boomkicker, I removed the small cuddy area that is stock on a mod2 and added a hatch for storage and I am in the process of getting Jiffy reefing for the main so when caught in a storm or high winds I can calm her down a little. I live in Western North Carolina near the Great Smokies. There is a small lake nearby that I have used a couple times but I mostly have sailed in Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke, VA. This is a nice big lake with 50 miles of navigable water so you can stay on one tack a while. I try to keep a record of every day we go sailing and we have been 39 days so far(for 6-10 hours) since I got the boat. I have learned much, have seen a couple of C14.2 sisters and talked to their owners. I have not raced, only daysailed. I am a maintenace technician(electrician/mechanic) at a plant. I have been in one form of maintenance or repair all my life. I have worked for Sears on tvs and appliances, I worked on weather equipment in the Airforce, built a house, worked on British cars (I am restoring an MG midget wich I hope to tow the boat with it). I have tried to think everything trough on this boat and make some improvement or other about every time we go out. We have not capsized her yet but I have had her on her "beam ends" a couple times. The last thing I bought was a GPS to tell how trimming the sails effect boat speed. I am interested in talking to and meeting up with other C14 owners. This website has been a blessing.


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Yes, some of the most recent post were lost while I was making database updates over the last few days. I appologize for this inconvience!



Hi All,

I live in Mission Viejo, California and we have a small fleet here on our private lake consisting of six 14.2s. We are about an hour north of Mission Bay in San Diego where they just held the Capri 14.2 Nationals.

Four of us went down for Nationals this year and we would have had five except for a family emergency. When I moved to this lake town I first went down to check out the racing scene and liked the look and sailing abilities of the 14.2 over the Lidos, Finns and Thistles that are also sailed there.

I have a Mod three 2001 model and I believe it's #4964. I can't check now since it's over at the lake.

I would like to encourage you all to get into racing since it is much more fun that just putting around and believe me, I thought putting around was fun until I got into racing. The clubs all seem to be very friendly and love to share tips and experience with newbies.

Jack from Lake Mission Viejo
MG Midget

Small world! I bought a 1968 Austin Healey Sprite body no engine or trainy. and a 70 midget that was wrapped around a pole. I moved the engine trainy and front end from the midget to the Healey. Never got it on the road but it was sure fun riding it atround the neighboerhood on a milk crate and no front end body parts! Good luck with the Midget!



I have had my midget for several years. Drove it around for a couple years back and forth to work and loved it and made sure that I wanted to keep it. Hope to have it painted and back together by next spring. Hope to put a 5 speed in it with a conversion kit, should make it smooth.