For Sale: Santa Barbara, CA 1994

Capri 14.2 - Santa Barbara

I am interested, I'm just trying to figure out when I could get a look at it, Santa Barbara being a days drive from here in Chino Valley. One other question comes to mind as well. Regarding the trailer, when was the last time the trailers bearings were either packed or changed? Given the distance between us that's something I might have to take care of before taking the boat should I decide to move ahead on it. Thanks, Bill


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The boat hasn't been in the water for over a year. Don't know if the bearings have been changed, but has had bearing buddies and consistently filled with marine grease. Call me if you have more questions 805-967-8931
For Sale: Santa Barbara, CA 1994

Thanks for your reply. Since my last post on the forum, I've decided to buy a boat I found for sale in San Diego. Wish you luck in your continued effort to sell your boat, with summer fast approaching, I'm sure you shouldn't have any problem.

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