If I was looking to buy "new" sails I would check out North Sail lofts. I saw a one year old set of racing sails on Craigs list for $550 a few months ago.
I recently bought three new sails for the Westlake Yacht Club from Scott Finkboner a sail maker from Mission Bay California. Scott is also the National C14.2 Champion Gold Class. His phone number is 619-222-8788.

He is very good. You can't go wrong buying from him.

Bob Amenta
Commodore WYC
Check with Brian Janney at the Quantum loft in San Diego. He usually has a good suit of sails for the Capri 14.2 for sale (619) 226-2422
New Sails

Might contact Roger Kerr; Kerr Sailmakers; Tulsa, OK. I have purchased sails for everything from Capri 14.2; Cat 25; Cat 30; SJ21. Excellent sailmaker for over 20 years, and Cat 22;SJ21 and J-22 racer and winner. Very reasonable, and good service if you need help.

Ron Carter
Grove, OK


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New Sails

Do yourself a favor and at least call Catalina Yachts in Woodland Hills California to get a price for a set of sails. By getting them there you'll be running stock sails, and if it's important to you, you can get the "C" and you're hull number on them as well.
By the way, those people are very helpfull. You can drive right up to the parts building and get what you need if you are near there, otherwise they'll mail the stuff to you.
Then with that you can shop them out for a competitive price from Ullman, North or others.
If you are planning on racing, there are regulations on sail dimensions, as well as the sail manufacturer. Stock sails meet all those demands.
best of luck,
If you're just going to day sail the factory sails are great and I seem to remember , well priced. If you're going to race , you have no chance with the factory sails. You then spend the extra and get the good stuff, Quantum or Scott Finkboner sails.