Sails for sale in Seattle

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North Pentex Genoa 2008 - good condition $250
North San Diego Main 2007 - good condition $250
Sobstad Jib 1997 - good condition $150
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Hi Jony,
Yes - still have the pentex genoa. Also now have a North Kevlar 3DL genoa for sale, 2 years old, lightly used for $900.


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Hi Bill,
I'm in Shelton, Totten inlet, just bought a J and the Genny is 1980(I found while cleaning and preparing to tape a rip) so anything will be an improvement. The boat has been sitting and a lot of dust and mussels to shake off to get her preforming again.
It will be a week or so before I can get over to Seattle, would you take 200.00?
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Hi Jony,

Great to hear about your new boat. Very exciting. I think you will enjoy it.

I am pretty set on $250 for the genoa, but if you get a chance to come over, you can take a look and see if you think it is worth it.



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250 is a deal, had to ask, you understand. I am aspiring to spending 900, just needing to get started, these light winds and strong currents down here in south sound cant go anywhere with out a Genny.
Have a brother that lives near the U that could swing the deal and deliver it to me this weekend, if that might work for you, we can do that, I am sure the Genny is far more than what I have, I don't really need to see it
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Sounds good. I will likely be at my office in Issaquah at some point this weekend (which is really easy to get to). Have your brother give me a call at 425-677-5599 to make arrangements.

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The jib is in "good" condition. I think there is one repair that would be good to make at the end of one of the batten pockets.

I have a few more photos that may be better sent via email. If you provide an email address I'll send the rest.