Sails for Omega 14 wanted


Sailing on Shelter Bay
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I'm looking for a newer used mainsail for my omega 14. It came with a Flying Junior mainsail that is just a bit short in the foot, and very old. I'd also consider a jib if one is available. I'm not too far from Seattle (actually Hansville, WA). We have a fleet of two here in our harbor.

I may have some sails tucked away in storage. I will be a bit but i will check if I still have. Sold boat many years ago, sails are in bag. If I find them i will give them to you. If not ther is a place in Newport Beach called Minnies Ship Chandlery that has a huge inventory of sails at a reasoanble price. You can google them. If you cant find then I can get you the number


Sailing on Shelter Bay
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I'm familiar with Minnies, having lived in Huntington Beach years ago. I will check there to see what their inventory is. I would be happy to pay for shipping or have my son-in-law pick them up if you are anywhere near Huntington Beach. Thanks for the response, Jim
I just purchased the same boat and it came with a new mainsail (I think it was used a few times). I am using the original sails and have no use for it.

Please send me a PM.