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Sails for a Laser Bahia


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For sale: main sail sport version (10.2 m2) - excellent condition, brand new jib (rolled in sail bag), brand new gennacker (still in orginal package).

I recently bought a used 2011 Bahia and it came with two sets of sails and I'm selling one of the sets. Both mail sails were the larger sport version (6 battens) and both looked like they haven't been sailed much. Would make a good backup sail. Of the two jibs, one looked almost like new, the other jib was still rolled up in its orginal plastic packaging in a roll-up sail bag. Of the two gennakers, one was used, the other, as I mentioned is still sealed in its original package. Since I'm not planning on racing this boat, I'm keeping the older sails that came with it and selling the best looking main sail, and the brand new jib and gennacker (the 14 m2 version that shipped with the 2006 - 2013 Bahia).

I would like to sell:
The main sail for $500 (including shipping USA)
The new jib for $225 (including shipping USA)
The new gennaker for $350 (including shipping USA)

If you want all three I would sell them for $950 (including shipping USA)

New these sails retail for:
Sport Main sail - $880 + shipping
Jib - $390 + shipping
Gennaker - $688 + shipping

I can provide pictures upon request.