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As part of an upcoming inventory change, our partnership with Annapolis Performance Sailing, LTD. that is nearly as old as is coming to an end this month. APS is moving in a new direction with their storefront, both in person and online. They are transitioning away from Hardware, lines, and boats and will be focusing more on clothing and outdoor apparel. As part of the change, they will no longer be a title sponsor of the community of Laser and Sunfish sailors. Their partnership along with Intensity Sails has made this site possible and I am grateful for their support over the years.

They are clearing out inventory now, make sure to stop by to see if they have any last minute deals on Laser/Sunfish gear while supplies last!

Here’s the details on the transition: The New APS

I will begin the search for a new title sponsor to join Intensity Sails over the next month. Thank you for supporting the companies that keep the servers on at This is a small operation, independent of any of the large forum or social media conglomerates that own or control most of the social internet. While offers login options through third parties, we are proud to offer access independent of any social media provider, sailboat manufacturer, or governing body.
I was wondering if they were going to remain as a forum sponsor. Sad to see them go, and it seems like an odd transition for them.

A couple to consider (I've not necessarily ordered from them, but have heard good things about them):
Colie Sails Home — ColieSails
Dieball Sailing Dieball Sailing - North Sails
West Coast Sailing West Coast Sailing - Small Sailboats, Parts, and Sailing Apparel

Thanks for all the work behind the scenes that you (and other admin/staff members) do to keep these Forums up and running.
Thanks Tag! Big thanks goes out to @Wavedancer for all his efforts quickly slaying the spam bots that get through (among other things).

I was caught a bit off guard by APS's change in direction myself. I think the online marketplace has to be tough with the likes of Amazon undercutting prices on almost everything.
I'm glad I got my order of Ronstan trap rings from APS when I did. They had the best prices on the Net.

I hope you're able to find a replacement for the site.
I second the motion on Jamestown Distributors. Audrey and I are Ambassadors for them and we can get you in contact with their Marketing folks if you like.
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