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Outboard Placement


I have mine on a bracket which puts the motor out about 8" from the transom. I tried mounting on the transom, but my motor is a short shaft. I can take some pics and email back to you.

Send me your email address to: capnron209@gmail.com. I will email them back to you shortly.

Ron Carter
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Well folks, I got a Minn Kota 40lb thrust last weekend, just so happened to be on sale at Canadian Tire.

I mounted it directly on the transom but had to fashion inner and outer adapters (I used wood) to clear the rubstrip and the slight overlap of the deck (aft) in order to get a good solid flat surface to mount on to. I removed the previously installed extended mount as I really saw no advantage using it (at this time anyway).

For now, the battery is sitting on the floor against the transom. I intend to move it into the cuddy later and seriously considering removing the trash can to utilize that cavernous space up front, of course I will install a hatch to seal it, if I do.

Test time was quite a revelation, the performance was wisper quiet, no vibration whatsoever, absolutely no wake and the speed was reasonable considering there were 4 adults, (my guess 800lbs approx plus the motor and 3 good size gel batteries). I'm amazed the thing actually moved. I managed to get 70 minutes at full power from one battery.

The next day (Monday) we went sailing same crew but more weight. We now had full rigging, which was removed for the first test run, a snack pack with water and food stuffs. To me this was overload, but my brother insisted that the wives should get the experience. Well the boat actually powered peacefully out of the river 40mins, not very fast but quicker than a brisk step. We even got compliments from the folks along the river about how smooth and quiet we were.

Rigging had to be done at the mouth of the river, it was not easy, everytime I looked down there seemed to be feet everywhere. We managed somehow and eventually set sail and to my surprise, this little boat was moving along very well despite our inexperience at sail trimming. We had a nice starboard breeze and managed to do a beam reach across the lake, even hiking out at times. We beached at the park, and tied up the same place where the boat took off on it's own, last week :eek:. I made sure it was tied up securely and the sails laying on the deck:D

The return trip was a bit tedious as the wind kept changing direction but we persisted and made it all the way across on sail power. Then when we got to the river mouth and started to lower the sails and unstep the mast etc., the wind started swirling around us like a demon and blew us into the weeds. The positive side was, we got an opportunity to test the Minn Kota's weedless prop. It performed flawlessly and took us out of the weed bed without a struggle. The trip up stream was very slow due to the steady current but the battery never died.

This weekend I have insisted on a two man only outing. We will be hooking up two batteries in parallel for this outing, I'm anxious to see how this goes. My impressions so far of electric power are extremely favourable in all respects and hopefully with less cargo we will have a significant increase in speed and less battery drain.
I hope this has not bored everyone to sleep, although that's probably a good thing too.:)
George, I went with the wood block idea for mounting my electric. I cut, sanded, routed and painted to match the top stripe, 2 blocks. One inside the transom and one just below the rub rail. The first time I cranked the motor mount tight, the outer hull started bending in below the rub rail. I re-glued the hull it and made a longer board to spread the load accross half of the transom. This seemed to work without bending, until our first time out when the outside board worked its way loose and I didn't know it. Nest thing I knew the motor was flopping around and almost went in. Of course I grabbed it an set it into the cockpit where it promptly turned on and made my wife regret going with me.

After a few experiments, I found that leaving the outer board off and just having an inner protector seems to work best. The rub rail is plenty stron enough and holds everything tight.
That's a great story. I can tell from your occasional messages you aren't the kind of guy who does things half-a**ed. It's either do-it-right or why-bother. I love it! Eventually I see you mounting this on the back of your boat:

And your crew will be waterskiing down the river behind your C-14. :)

Thanks for the inspiration!
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Hi JGM..."Elec vs Gas power"

Hi, (JGM) Jim I do like the looks of that Torqeedo 1003, very impressive, could be a serious option when the battery companies are ready to release a compact long range battery. ......In the mean time I have put the 40lb Minn Kota to it's limits with a brand new 160min/100ah battery weighed in at just under 50lbs. and the results, ....... I'm afraid you were right on the money about me being stuck with gas propulsion, the elec just does not have the range and speed for my needs .....For a nice, quiet, motor powered cruise up and down the river with the wife it is a clear winner since there's no reason to hurry. On the other hand, for Sailing, I'm not interested in weighing down the boat with additional batteries and I most certainly do not want to be capsized with a couple of 50lb lead acid batteries on board.

I have now re-installed the motor mount and modified the mounting block by using two 1" thick blocks, one outside the bracket, the other inside with a packing of gaskets and filler in between for dampening. I actually used felt roofing paper for this ..... It really works, I feel this whole sandwich set up has cut the vibration and noise by about 80% (my guess). The Suzuki 4hp/2cycle is now a lot more bearable. I did give it a bit of a tune-up and added a tiny snow mobile (2 cycle) in-line gas filter. A gallon of fuel is good for abt 2 hrs. with lots of power and no concerns with capsize (Please read my capsize story :eek:).
Well George, part of the satisfaction to be realized with owning a sailboat is confronting problems and figuring them out. Although it was a bit round-about, at least you earned some brownie points with Mother Earth by attempting the electric motor solution. Who knows... you might need those brownie points the next time she blows your boat over. ;)

MinnKota 30 Thrust

I'm on a wakeless lake with my C14, have purchased my electric motor MinnKota 30, and have been advised after many opinions by the MinnKota dealer to purchase a golfcart 18 hole battery ... anyone out there with experience going this way? My battery will be secured with a bracket and straps in the hull with wires run under the seat with access port and plug-in at the motormount bracket. This battery is a sealed battery so won't leak in a capsize but I believe any battery could short out if it gets wet. I'd love to know if anyone else has tried this battery and how long I could run on this with maybe two average sized people in the boat.:)
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I'd love to know if anyone else has tried this battery and how long I could run on this with maybe two average sized people in the boat.:)
Your Minn Kota owner's manual will have the information about the motor consumption etc. just match that with your battery specs and you should get a reasonable idea for range.