Sailing to Catalina Island - Sweet Video!!!

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Go Venture 25 Go!

Catalina Part 1
Sailing to the island across 24 miles of open ocean infested with man-eating dolphins.

Catalina Part 2
Exploring the island then sailing home with a harem of mermaids.
I watched part 1 and part 2 - it looked like a fun trip! The island didn't look very busy - is that due to it being January? I would think it'd be a lot busier in the summer months, yes?

PS. I didn't see any mermaids, though?!

Nice video! I did the sail from MDR to the Island a few times on a 27' Erickson. I have several friends who regularly sail their beachcats over. I considered it when I had mine but never did get around to it.

Be a heck of a trip on a Laser, but I'd want a chase boat to go through the shipping lanes with me!

Hmmm..maybe I should plan an Island getaway with my wife one weekend..Catalina is fun.

You mentioned the clear water;snorkling and diving are amazing there. BTW, if you don't pick up a mooring in Avalon, you can drop the's 90' to the bottom in the harbor and you can see all the way down!
I initially was thinking this video was about a sailor who sailed the trip in a Sunfish..
Still nice video, has anyone done the trip via Sunfish?