Sailing on Pamlico Sound

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Trailed my Omega 14 down to Rodanthe NC which is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico sound. I have a cottage down there and my three sons had come there to help me do some maintenance on the cottage. They had made me promise to bring the boat as they had never sailed on it. There is beach access to the sound at the end of the street but no real ramp, so we had to struggle to get the boat launched. It took the four of us to get the boat in the water. Once afloat we got the sails up and set off with a southwesterly breeze at 10 to 12. It took us awhile to get our act together for tacking, there is not much extra room when there are four people aboard. All hands took turns at the tiller and we had a great sailing day. I had made up a mooring anchor which we had set out earlier, so at the end of the sail we moored to it (see picture). We went out again the following day in similar conditions and enjoyed another great sailing day. At the end of the day we had to get the boat out of the water and back on the trailer which took some huffing and puffing from all of us, but we finally succeeded. All in all a very good time for all of us. P1010404.JPG