Sailing my Capri 14.2 on Lake Tahoe

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I purchased my boat in January. It was a former rental boat used in Mission Bay here in San Diego. Being a rental boat, it has the full keel. So far, I have been really impressed with the stability of this boat.

Last week, we trailered it up to Lake Tahoe in northern California. On the way, we had to have the boat inspected for some invasive mussel taking over the lakes. The guy at the inspection site showed concern that I was taking such a small sailboat on Lake Tahoe and indicated it is very treacherous. On the first day out on the lake, the wind was quite calm, then at about 2:30, the wind kicked up and the water got a little choppy, but the boat did fantastic!! My son's and I had a blast on the lake and really enjoyed fresh water sailing! Besides, Lake Tahoe is so blue, clear, and absolutely beautiful.

Back in San Diego, I have been launching down in Chula Vista off J St, and sailing up under the Coronado bridge.
would you happen to have the address of the Launch Site? Do you have to pay Launching Fee?
Do you happen to know other launch sites in San Diego / Newport area
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Fortunately, in San Diego, there are not any launch fees. While in Lake Tahoe, CA, we had to pay a $17 launch fee, which covered the cutting of the cable put on the boat after the inspection, and the replacing of the cable upon leaving the launch ramp.

Call me if interested in sailing 619-806-1279. I am always looking for others to sail with.