Sailing in Texas...

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I attended the Austin Yacht Club's Centerboard Regatta and the sailing was fine. I missed Saturday, but I'm a little glad I did. Lake Travis had winds up to 34 knots, and I heard it was quite gusty. Several people went swimming, and several quit early in the day. Sunday though was beautiful. Since I missed Saturday, I didn't race on Sunday. Nevertheless, my son and I had a good time watching the action as we shadowed the racers. The only downside is that I did the typical new season - once a year goof and left out the drain plug. I was puzzled when Sunfish started catching us, and then it dawned on me what I did, or in this case didn't do. Back at the docks, I got an earful. "It sure is draining a lot of water." "It's the new water ballast model", I replied dryly. I got a few pauses and double takes with that line. The boat drained for a good 30 to 45 minutes, and when it was over, I pulled out a bunch of junk from the previous owners that had washed under the gunwales. I found a flip-flop, glass soda bottles, a homemade mast float, a shirt, and various little bits of trash. I think the boat lost five pounds. Anyway, it was nice to be back on the water, and I can't wait to get out again and enjoy some our beautiful Texas spring weather. Next time, I won't forget the plug!

If there any San Antonio or nearby Texas sailors reading this, I will be going back out weekend after next (May 14th or 15th) at Canyon Lake with the family. We are planning to have a little BBQ and chips, beer (sodas for the kids of course), and enjoy some leisurely sailing. Right now, it is just my wife, our two boys, and me, but anyone who wants to join in is welcome.