sailing in puerto vallarta

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does anyone here know puerto vallarta, jalisco, mexico? (on the pacific)

i might be moving there pretty soon, and am wanting to get to know some locals that could show me around the marinas. I've never sailed in the ocean and wonder how sailing over whales, sharks, and stuff goes. are there any sunfish clubs?
Many all inclusive resorts in Mexico have Sunfish dinghies for the use of their guests. I have no idea whether any SF clubs exist in PV. Sailing over sharks and whales in a sunfish cannot be expected to go well.
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i forgot to mention the humbolt squid..

is there any trick to uprighting your boat when surrounded by a feeding frenzy of sharks or squid?

what if a whale attemps to adopt my sunfish as her own?

boy, i can't wait!

sounds like it's about time i invest in a Spot Emergency Transmitter

i'll post pics as soon as i can..


Upside down?
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I believe (!) that the sailing associated with the 2011 Pan Am games will be in Puerto Vallarta.
Expect to see some Sunfish battles :D.