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I'm a big fan of sailing books, I'll read just about anything on the sport. So I have started a gallery.

Laser Sailing Books

Dick Tillman - Laser Sailing - 1975 - 127pp Hard cover. A classic, the first one of it's kind.

Tim Davidson - The Laser book - Fernhurst - 1979 - 64pp

Ed Baird - Laser Racing - Fernhurst Books 1982. First book that really started to focus on high performance aspects of Laser sailing. Upwind kinetics, super vang, etc. Relaxed Ed never does his life jacket up in this book.

Derrick Fries - Single Handed Racing - Contemporary Books - 1986 250pp. Comperhensive book for Laser, Finn, sunfish classes.

Dick Tillman & Dave Powlison - The New Laser Racing - Nautical Books - 1986 160pp Hard cover. Dick adds to his already successful formula.

Glen Bourke - Championship Laser Racing - I love this book, perhaps because I know Glenn when he was racing Lasers and he was always very generous with his knowledge. Very practical with a number of new or different views on racing a Laser at the elite level.

Dick Tillman - Laser Sailing for the 1990's - Alard Coles - 1991 175pp

Ben Ainsle - The Laser Campaign Manual (includes CD rom) - Fernhurst Books - 2003. A well produced book by a great sailor, but a bit light on really gritty info. The Cd rom is a good companion but the video quality is really poor.
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Michael Blackburn - Sail Fitter - Fitness Books - 2001 - 115pp A4 format. Focus is on elite physical preparation. A brilliant work, good research and application of ideas to Laser hiking kinetics.

The Sail to Win Series (not complete) Fernhurst Books. Includes: "Dinghy Helming" Lawrie Smith, "Wind Strategy" David Houghton, "Boatspeed" Rodney Pattisson, "Dinghy Crewing" Julian Brooke-Houghton, "Tuning your Dinghy" Lawrie Smith, "The Rules in Practice" Bryan Willis, "The Winning Mind" John Whitmore.

Stuart Walker (these are real classics!!) Advanced Racing Tactics & Tactics of Small Boat Racing.
nice collection.

here in the shop I'm working to amass a decent sized Lending Library.

Customers can just come in and check out whatever sailing books they want, returning them whenever, and I keep track of what's in and out online.

Need to get some more of those Laser books though, only have 2 or 3 out of all the ones you listed!