Sailing alone safety question

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There are probably other variations to the "rocking propulsion," but here's how I do it:

- center the tiller (I lock mine with a bit of shock cord that stays tied to the rear of my hiking strap.

- sheet in the main all the way. Centerboard down.

- I tie a slip-knot to keep the mainsheet tight at the block, but always keep the tail of the mainsheet in hand.

- get up on your feet, forward of the mast, facing aft.

- with foot and hand-pressure, start rocking the boat, slowly and firmly from side to side, handing the mast back and forth.

- this will generate lift from your centered sail, and you can steer a bit by favoring which way you hold the rolling motion.

- soon the boat will pick up speed and your motion will resemble that of a stairmaster; you get a workout and you get home.

The bottom line, though, is, invariably, once you commit to this whole exercise, the wind will pick up and send you scrambling back to the cockpit!

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Thanks a lot! This sounds pretty simple. Center everything and tie it down, then rock the boat. I may launch the boat one of these days, when there is no wind, just to see how it works.

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