SAILFISH Sailboat – Olympic Colors; Excellent Condition

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SAILFISH Sailboat – Olympic Colors Excellent Condition

1972 AMF Alcort Super SAILFISH MK-II Sailboat. Original Excellent like new condition. The Sailfish was the predecessor to the Sunfish. All white boat with red and blue racing stripes across the bow. Olympic colored sail; red, white, and blue. Always stored in garage and never left outside except when in use. Only used a handful of times, stored raised in garage all of its life. No salt water ever. Bought from original owner who bought brand new in 1972. This is a beautiful example of an old classic & a piece of sailing history. Length 13' 8" and weights 98 lbs.


Wow! That's the best looking fiberglass Sailfish I have ever seen, well worth the asking price for somebody who wants to own a rare boat. Question? Is the rudder blade with the "solid"
bronze rudder head fitting original to the boat? They were only in production for the Sunfish for a few years starting in 1972 but I have never seen one on a fiberglass Sailfish.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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Alan I have had some rudder heads with the short vertical plate so I assume that there was a time period when even the Sailfish was getting the reinforced head. I have a brand new old stock one in inventory right now.
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