Sailfish Rudder Hardware

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I purchased on older Sailfish boat for my grandkids. It did not have a ruder so I bought a used sunfish rudder. I found out that the hardware does not match up and have been trying to get the correct hardware for this boat. Dose anyone know where I can get the correct hardware to fit the Sailfish sail boat?

I have an older Sailfish rudder (bronze hardware) if you still need one. I can take a photo and send it to you so you can make sure it works or let me know where you are...I am in RI. Any massages send to cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
I've got a pre-1972 sunfish rudder that I'll sell for $65. I'm in Raleigh, and could send it with a friend to Lake Gaston (he goes there every weekend). Call me if you're interested.

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