Sailfish mast and spars vs Sunfish mast and spars

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I am very new to the sailing world and I am working to restore two sunfish for my daughters. I have someone trying to tell me that the sunfish and sailfish have the same size sail, mast, boom and upper spar. He wants me to just come over and look but its 3 hours away and he said he doesn't want to get them out to measure them. So I am asking here if there is a difference in size for the sail, mast and spars of these two boats. I'm trying to save an unnecessary trip. Thank you

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The vast majority of Sailfish are actually Super Sailfish. They have the same length booms, but the mast is shorter as the Sailfish hull isn't as deep. But you can use it with no issues.

The sail is the same dimensions but Sailfish sails were made flatter so it will have less power than a modern Sunfish sail. But it will work fine.
The mast of my Super Sailfish measures 10' long, exactly the same as the mast of my '82 Sunfish. I bought the Sailfish new in the late '60s, and the mast is original to the boat.