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I'm a newbie. Only sailed a couple of times. I was given a Sailfish. I cannot find a model number but appears in good shape. It is probably 13+ feet long and you sit on top of it. It has the rudder and stabilizer (wooden and looks okay), but no sail, masts, booms or rigging.

So, I see this brand is no longer made, at least in sailboats, and Sunfish is where folks go to get parts, etc.

I know I will need what is missing. But first, can someone help me identify the model and maybe provide some advice on what to look for? Like I said, it appears in good shape or at least the fiberglass does. Also, tips on buying sails and hardware.

I'm including a partial photo and have blocked out the letters someone had placed on it (looks like WS####CD = Wisconsin?).



Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
Keep an eye on craigslist and your local classified listings. You’re looking for the full rig- mast, boom, sail and lines. A Sunfish sail is more readily found (not a lot of Sailfish sails in decent shape any more)
If you’re lucky you’ll find them all together for $150-250

Davey's Locker

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Thanks Breeze Bender. I have been looking now and on ebay too. I checked the Sunfish parts site and yow! Pretty expensive with the mast, booms, sail and other hardware. One last question: Not sure of the model I have nor can I find a serial number. So, are the sail size pretty much the same?

Alan S. Glos

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You have a fiberglass Super Sailfish Mark II, and it looks to be in good shape. This model had a 75 sq. ft., sail booms and mast the same size as a modern Sunfish, if you can find a Sunfish rig. it will fit your boat. To bad you are so far away as I sell a mast for $65, upper boom for $35, lower boom with blocks for $45, bronze gooseneck for $38 . These parts are too long to ship, but if you find yourself in Central NY, near Syracuse, I could fix you up.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
You might try putting a ‘wanted’ ad on craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Definitely want to find the spars (mast, booms) locally. If you find them without a sail I’d order a new sail from Intensity Sails- can’t beat their prices. I’ve seen worn out old sails sell for way more than they’re worth on ebay, so be careful there.


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One of the best ways to get Sailfish parts is to Keep an eye on FB market place. Every couple of months someone cleans out their garage and find a worn out/trashed boat that they just want gone. I went to go look at one last Fall. The hill was marginal, but it included spars and most of the other parts. I passed, because I was mainly interested in the hard-to-find rudder hardware, which was missing (and my wife has the foolish notion that three sailboats are enough. One more might just push her over the edge!). The owner wanted $50 for it, which was certainly a great deal just for the parts alone! Just keep looking, something will turn up. Or take a ride out to NY to buy one from Glos!