Sailed a 420 this weekend

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I sailed a 420 this past Sunday with the Sea Scouts. We were out doing training and coaching with the Scouts. I had one scout with me, he also owns a Capri 14.2 Mod 1, while I own a Capri 14.2 Mod 2.

The 420 is about 100 lbs lighter, and we were on a scholastic version, so no spinnaker and a little more restrictions on configuration... from what I'm told. Overall, I really love the Capri over the 420, but we did have a fun afternoon of sailing. Imagine if you gutted a Capri and took out the floor, you would have a basic 420.

With the 420 being so much lighter, it seemed a little more responsive than the capri, probably a little faster. But, with the lighter weight it was more tippy and weight sensitive. Since these were not our boats, we were just using them from the regional Boy Scouts/Sea Scout groups, they all needed some tuning and slight repairs.

Our tiller popped out twice, I finally rigged something to hold it in place... a tricky repair while you are out on the water. There is no cleat for the mainsheet, so you have to hold the line it the entire time. It's a fractional rig, so the jib is pretty small. I think it would be difficult to sail solo, which I typically sail my Capri solo without any troubles. The boom is much lower than the Capri, I have a ropeburn across my neck from the boomvang to show for it, and you have to nearly lie down under the boom when you tack.

It was a fun day of sailing on Lake Lanier and a good teaching/learning experience for the Scouts and myself. Getting in another boat really does remind me that I really do enjoy my Capri 14.2.

1989 Catalina Capri 14.2
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