sailboat racing in northern VA

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Anybody interested in sailboat racing? I'm trying to inform people interested in sailing small centerboard boats about the opportunities available, rules classes, rig tuning, practice, racing regattas. You can sail your own boat, crew on someone else's boat, or buy/rent/borrow a used boat. There is an active Laser group at Dahlgren and at least two Capri 14's. If you want to buy your own nice two person sailboat, there was a good used Capri 14.2 with trailer available at Backyard Boats for $3250. the last time I checked.

I plan on attending the North U Rules and Tactics 2008 Racing Seminar in Annapolis on March 2nd: $185 for skipper, $100 for crew. 1-800-347-2457 Taught by David Dellenbaugh, Chairman of US Sailing Rules Committee.

My crew, Jimbo Rubenstein, and I plan to get in some practice sails on nice Sundays in March. In early April we plan to have a rig tuning session, followed with boat on boat practice.

The first regatta we usually do is the Lake of the Woods Sailing Club in Orange, VA, on the 4th weekend in April. www.LOWSC.ORG

Sometime in May/June the Dahlgren Yacht Club Thursday 5:00 PM Centerboard series gets underway. Always opportunities for sailing, crewing or race official to start races and record times.

On Memorial Day weekend [Saturday] Portsmouth Boat Club holds the Merrimac Memorial Race, open to all small boats. Karl Liebert has sailed his Capri 14 in several of these races.

Last year in mid May, the Washington Sailing Marina had an informal open regatta where the Capri 14's sailed with the Sunfish, which have the same Portsmouth ratings.

There are a couple more small boat regattas in June & July, but I have not been to any.

September 6th, the Washington Sailing Marina holds its Leukemia Cup regatta in Alexandria.

Third weekend in September the SMSA small boat invitational is held on Solomon's Island, MD. Last year, we met Glen & Terry Walters there sailing their Capri 14.

We might be able to persuade some of our local experts, like Michael O' Brian, John Bubb and Bruce Goss, to come out and give the rest of us some pointers.

Give me a call if you want to join the fun! Would love to hear from other Capri-14 sailors in the area.

Steve Spratt
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